Grow your business through: Marketing, Cloud Computing, Live Streaming

Time for Growth

We provide you with the solutions and support to grow your business.

Whether you are looking to save costs by: leveraging the latest cloud technologies, invigorating your database to generate more leads, driving the price of your product through technology, streamlining your business processes or improving the real time collaboration and communication of your sales team - we can help!

Tailored Cloud Solutions

Save by using cloud computing

The PTY Cloud team believes in helping small to medium sized businesses reduce their IT costs by seamlessly transitioning to cloud computing.

We have already done the leg work to make sure we provide your business with solutions that are designed to be cost effective, scalable and most importantly match your business needs.

We want to help you grow your business through the use of cost effective, dynamic solutions that are backed by the big names in the cloud space.

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Ongoing Service and Support

Marketing Automation

Regardless of your industry, continually growing and reinvigorating your client base is a must. 

But so many business don’t do it.

Our Automated Marketing solution allows you to map out a custom campaign in seconds or use one of our proven templates to start maximising your client base.

Driving Price Through Technology

Driving Price Through Technology

Technology is a must for any business that leverages auctions or expression of interest (EOI). PTY Property provides you with the tools to driving price through technology.

Whether it is live streaming your event or allowing more buyers to bid using live online bidding or making it simpler for buyers to place EOI. It all increases demand.

Ongoing Service and Support

Ongoing Service and Support

Exceptional service and maintaining strong partnerships with our clients is vital to our success. Our integration, training and support teams are dedicated to making sure your transition to our cloud software is seamless.

Our service and support is ongoing. We arrange regular meetings with you and your team to ensure everything is running smoothly and you are maximising your solution.

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